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Social Justice Retreat 2024

Thank you to everyone who attended our 2024 Social Justice Retreat, hope to see you next year!           





2024 Social Justice Retreat Learning Outcomes

As a result of participation in the 2024 Social Justice Retreat Scholars students should be able to make the following claims:

I am able to differentiate between assorted social justice concepts and theories in order to define social justice and equity. 

I am able to identify my own biases and how they relate to my intersectional experiences and transform them to awareness and advocacy.  

I am able to use empathy and perspective-taking strategies to effectively navigate dialogue around equity and justice. 

What is the Social Justice Leadership Retreat?

Previous in-person Social Jusitce Retreat formats consisted of taking approximately 40 students with student/staff facilitators away from campus for three days and two nights of amazing activities and storytelling. After arriving mid-afternoon on day one, the group spends time developing trust and relationships in small groups with facilitators, as well as participating in large-group activities. 

The following two days are used to facilitate a journey for each student in exploring their own identities, sharing their personal story in their small group, listening to the personal stories of others, and attending training sessions on privilege, understanding personal identities, and what all of this means in leadership. Fourteen successful retreats have taken place since January 2005.

The Virtual format of the retreat that occurred during the height of the COVID-19 Global Pandemic allowed for up to 40 undergraduate students to engage in the same experiences from near and far. The virtual retreat still spanned three days, with abbreviated sessions on Friday late afternoon/evening and Sunday morning, and a full day on Saturday, to still allow for the personal time needed at home while operating remotely. 

This year we took 35 students alongside our student and staff facilitators.