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Our Vision:

The Office of SJI&IP charge is for every UC Merced scholar to thrive in our multicultural global society.

Our Mission:

The Office of SJI&IP aims to enhance the retention of our historically-underserved scholars and to foster an inclusive campus environment for all by providing opportunities for holistic development, intersectional community building, and student agency.

Our Commitment:

In our commitment to serving UC Merced’s diverse scholar community, we seek to influence university policies and practices to position our campus as a hub for transformative leadership and social change.


Kolligian Library 167 5200 N, Lake Road
Merced, CA 95340

Community Agreements

The Office of Social Justice Initiatives & Identity Programs is dedicated to the holist development. With that in mind, we have community agreements that we centralize within our space:

  • Ask from a place of curosity rather than judgement
  • Listen to understand, not to respond
  • Utilize gender inclusive language
  • Practice grace and humility
  • Call in rather than out
  • What's said her stays here, what's learned here leaves here